Joe Ginsberg is a contemporary artist, who creates original paintings, work on paper and sculptures.  Working in NYC, Ginsberg’s multimedia canvas’ breakdown the boundaries between art and nature. Guided by color and light, he integrates the organic elements of nature with the texture of everyday life producing unpretentious forms at once functional, practical and ravishing.

“If my work sometimes seems ‘off,’ it’s because I think it’s important to jolt the senses.”  As Robert Mahoney observed in Arts Magazine, “If his images seem to want to jump off the canvas, it is because they have been worked on by nature herself...the weathering works like a decorative enzyme that encourages tidal surges of mirages.”


Born in New York in 1958, Joe Ginsberg received his early foundation in art starting at the age of 5, drawing non-stop on books, napkins and miscellaneous items before pursuing formal training in New York. As he developed deeper into his creative side, his mother strongly encouraged him to pursue his artistic talents after finding him in his room with hundreds of drawings and paintings surrounding him. 

As an adolescent he was frequently found at Studio 54 and Paradise Garage where he was exposed to the tumultuous art scene of New York in the late 70’s and into the 80’s.  

He began to develop his personal style, creating paintings and drawings that show the influence of conflict in New York urban life, his unconventional upbringing and the dreamlike balance of the natural elements surrounding him.

Joe Ginsberg started experimenting with materials, art mediums and nature herself, letting the hand free in expression, triggering his mind by tapping into a part of the unconscious that brings an element of surprise, activating the urge for further experimentation and innovation, while transcending the boundaries of artistic disciplines.  He began to expose his work to the natural elements: winds, tides, sun, earth and fluctuating temperatures, giving him the ability to produce the captivating quality he refers to as “the balance of nature’s patina”.

In the 1980’s, he started working in metal, stone, glass and fabric, continuously drawing and painting every process.


In the 1980’s, he started working in metal, stone, glass and fabric, continuously drawing and painting every process. Joe Ginsberg continued to evolve producing an extensive number of paintings, drawing, public commissions, architectural fabrications, and an illustrative book. He explored the integration of art in the world of set design, interior design and architecture by infusing his experimental creative vision to dimensional objects and spaces.

In 2013 a hospitality group commissioned him the design and fabrication of an artisan-made boutique hotel in NYC. He approached this property as a sculptor and a painter, integrating his artist sensibility to create not just an environment but a piece of art that would evoke emotion and a sense of belonging. Joe Ginsberg received a design award for this boutique hotel in 2016.

As a native-born New Yorker, Joe Ginsberg has a multi-faceted background that transcends the boundaries of artistic disciplines. His diverse training has given him the tools for his distinctive approach. He earned degrees from FIT, the School of Visual Arts, NYU, and Pratt Institute. He left New York and went on to create and exhibit in Florence, Sicily and Paris, returning in 1983 to New York where he now resides and works.


S E L E C T E D   E X H I B T I O N S

Art Gotham – New York, New York

Biota Gallery – West Hollywood, California

Gallery Dauste – Hamburg, Germany

48 Laight Gallery – New York, New York

Barbara Walter Gallery – New York, New York

R. H. Macy & Company – New York, New York

Federal Plaza – New York, New York

Eastman Wahmendorf – New York, New York

Paradis  - New York, New York

Barbara Walter Gallery – New York, New York

Claudio Roucher – Paris, France

Santa Reparata Grafiche D’Arte – Florence, Italy

Galleria Bal di Notti - Catania, Sicily

Fortman Studios – Florence, Italy


P U B L I C   P R O J E C T S

Connecticut Parks Department - Stamford, Connecticut “Talk To Dogs”

New York State Council of the Arts – New York, New York “Beach At Peach”

Coalition for the Homeless – New York, New York “ House Tricks”