New Works

Joe Ginsberg is among contemporary artists and sculptors that retain an iconic skill and innate artistic passion for three-dimensional creation. 

new works



Pangea is a mixed media painting that was translated into an Aubusson tapestry, an old world technique. This artwork speaks to the social political environment of this time and calls out for unity without division.

“I was reading about Pangea, a super-continent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras in which all the continents were attached as one. While reading it my mind dwelled to the social environment we now live in and my hand picked up a piece of paper…

Pangea was born.

After I finished with the artwork I was able to see the true meaning of this piece. Everything is inter-connected through energy fields, history, and modern day internet and travel, but in essence we have always been one, therefor we should build upon a world that respects and encourages because the ripple effect of our existence brings consequences for us all."

This 120" x 192" Aubusson tapestry was the beginning of a series in which Joe Ginsberg uses materials that patina over time by the elements. “Mother nature’s incredible capacity to ‘change’ and so can we”

Pangea - LargeArtwork-JoeGinsberg_ContemporaryArtInNY (2).jpg